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April 07, 2016  •  6 Comments

So here I am "blogging" ... Ashton are you proud?  

I do not know why I am so nervous about all of this!  Maybe because sometimes I am the type of person who just has trouble finding the right words, I tend ramble, or maybe because I am afraid I will share Too Much on here.  Either way, here I am completing my Photography assignment/reccomendation from this past weekends #akpretreat!  Start a Blog!  I have some topics and will slowly start with them and will feature sessions on here as well.  So please follow my blog and bear with me as I am just starting this chapter of small business life.  

My first blog is a little about me and my why...  

I am a small town WV Girl in her 30's who occasionally likes to dream of being a city girl.  I always end up going back to those WV small town roots whether it be physically or mentally.   Sometimes I just like the idea of being able to walk out my door, meander down a small city block to a cute little coffee shop and working there all morning drinking a latte and people watching in between photo edits.  Reality, I am sitting in my husbands recliner, watching my cat sleep on the floor and staring out my big window filled living room at the gorgeous trees and flowers coming back to life after what seemed like such a long winter.   I am truly a simple person and it makes my husband laugh but often refer to myself as "Plain Jane."  I love a great pair of comfy yoga pants, flip flops, naps and a great cup of coffee.  

I have an amazing husband who is by my side cheering me on and encouraging me through every step of this crazy small business journey I am on and he is truly my best friend.  Together we have two wonderful children and two fur-children too.  

I began my journey into the photography world like many women do with the love of taking beautiful pictures of their children.  I started out with a little Kodak point and shoot, then upgraded to a Canon Rebel, now I shoot with a Markiii!  I used to put my camera on Auto and go! "Oh I have a big fancy camera so it will take pictures for me"  Boy was I wrong about that!  Manual all the way baby!  When my husband surprised me with my Markiii I knew I had to learn how to use it correctly and for what all it was made for. No Auto, only manual, how it was meant to be used!  How in the world would I do that?!?!  A local photographer had a Bootcamp class that I signed up for.  Her work is amazing and I knew I could learn tons from her but the timing was just wrong.  We were buying a home and selling our current one so there was no time to figure out this fancy camera and follow along the learning schedule with her.   Then I heard of some photography workshops coming to WV in the spring by a WV born but Baltimore based Wedding Photographer, Ashton Kelley.  I missed out on getting in the first one because it sold out lighting fast!  Then I was so very lucky she opened up a 2nd date.  Little did I know until Ashton told me the story 4 days ago, my sweet husband was emailing her to get me in to one of her classes because I was so bummed it sold out.  

The rest is history as they say... but not really in this case I don't think.  It was only the beginning.  Thanks to 5 Ashton Kelley Photography Workshops full of inspiring empowering mentors, 1:1's with mentors & MANY wonderful amazing Amanda Greer Photography clients, I am getting ready to celebrate my 1 Year Anniversary as a Small Business Owner!!!!   



Bethanne Arthur(non-registered)
Look at you blogging! Yay!!!!
Amanda Greer Photography
Hi Ladies! Thank you for all of your sweet comments! I am now using wordpress for my blog and have it connected on here but if you would go to and sign up to follow my blog you can stay up date on all of my happenings, both personal and business!
Zena Casto(non-registered)
I am so glad your blogging! Feels very personal and I love getting to know more and more about you.
I love this!! Keep on blogging!! :) Ashton is wonderful!, isn't she? :)
Cathy Crabtree(non-registered)
Great Blog.. Awesome story, I look forward to working with you in the fall.
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